Steven Michael Quinn Jr. is on the cusp of becoming a household name. He recently starred in “Season Of Change” as well as the huge Bollywood film “Dirt.” He joined Spots for a Q&A to share experiences and advice on being an actor and coming up in such a competitive industry. Here are the highlights:



What’s the deal with this whole “Night-Wing” thing? What inspired you to go for it? 

I love the idea of going after something so huge then actually making it a reality. I draw inspiration from my past and I mean from rock bottom. If you follow me I’m always saying, “from ashes.” I believe we are capable of everything that we are willing to believe. I’m creating a Nightwing through my own pain. Everything from the way I work out and shape my body, to the way a strike an escrima stick, to my voice. I need this Nightwing to inspire.


How did you get started in the acting industry and did you always know that you wanted to be an actor?

Ok, so it really all started about four years ago. I did a photoshoot with an Atlanta photographer named Bryce France and a few others. I started using the photos on Instagram and I ended up being found by Ludlow Scout, my current mother agency. I then moved up to Atlanta where I developed as a model but then I slowly moved towards acting, my true goal.




What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career in regards to acting?

The biggest challenge would have to be the industry itself. The work never ends. You are basically building yourself every minute. From diet to class, to training, to marketing. It never stops.


What has been your favorite role to play so far in your career?

Would have to be a film I did called Dirt. I played a gangster and just a bad dude. I got to really free myself, intimidate, and have fun.


What’s your opinion on Marvel vs. DC in Hollywood right now? Who has the better style?

I love DC. I think Justice league was slack and Nightwing will be better. Marvel is too commercial for me. They use too much CGI and its way too sarcastic. Hulk is not a puppy.


What do you enjoy more: the process of building a role or looking back on the final outcome? 

I say that because the process requires a lot of pressure. It requires a lot of pressure. It requires true commitment and work. I need to be alone. Usually, while I’m creating a character it never feels perfect enough but, when I’m done and look back its there.


Are there any books you’d recommend to aspiring actors? 

Oh yes. Tools for Titans is it. It’s not an acting book but more of an entrepreneurial book. You need some skills to survive.


What do you think about Tyler Perry?

Love his rise to fame. He’s funny as hell. His films are okay though.





Are there any local, independent directors and filmmakers that you love working with?

I love Melissa Simpson. There is a rising direct named Christopher Watkins who is going to be great as well.


Are you a coffee drinker?

Black coffee is the best because it speeds up your metabolism.


Is it true that some agencies will scam unsuspecting actors?

Oh yeah, they will. If they charge you upfront, you should run.


Is it absolutely critical to be with an agency?

I’d say it is. Could you survive? … Barely.