Atlanta trap duo Mike’s Revenge joined Spots for a Q&A to answer your questions on what the Atlanta trap scene looks like from the inside. They’ve taken Atlanta clubs by storm, gaining the support of many notable artists and groups such as Pegboard Nerds, Contrvbvnd, Heroes X Villains, and so many more. Check out the highlights of their Q&A below:



When did you all come up in the Atlanta trap scene?

We originally started DJing is 2013, following big hits like Harlem Shake by Baauer, also another influence on us was Skrillex we felt that blending dubstep and trap helped us to create our identity in Atlanta. We were also influenced by the early 2000s trap like Youngbloodz, Ludacris, and Lil Jon.



How did you get involved in the Falcon’s drumline?

I marched for an indoor drumline and the director ran the Falcons’ drumline and invited me to audition.


How does the creative progress work with two people producing? Do you play different roles or does it depend on the track?

We both play different roles due to Mike’s experience with live instruments he is better at producing while I am better in other areas like branding, marketing, and booking.



Have you ever played a show in Athens, Georgia? What’s your favorite venue?

We haven’t played a show in Athens before but, we definitely want to branch out of Atlanta. Georgia theatre would be dope to play at. Mike went to 3 Kings once and thought it looked like a cool spot to play. The dance floor was packed out with people dancing to trap music so, it would be a good fit.


Can you speak on how you got started? And how is GSU the shit??

James, me and Mike were teammates on our soccer club team in high school and when we reached college we decided that we had similar music tastes. We found that by combining our strengths we could benefit and we haven’t turned back since.


Do you have to get invited to play a festival? Imagine seems like a good fit for you all.

Yeah, Imagine would be great. We are just waiting for the opportunity to present itself. We are more focused on releasing quality music at the moment.


What’s been the lowest point that you’ve overcome in your musical journey so far?

Mike was recently in jail for something out of his control. We had been promoting a show that we were playing for about three months. He got out and our set was canceled a day before the show.


Were you into trap music when you were growing up? What do you think about its evolution?

Yeah, I used to listen to 95.5 The Beat every night in fifth grade and that got me into trap music. I loved Clingy’s Right Thur, Usher’s Yeah, and those types of songs coming out with fat 808 beats then. Now it has changed a lot but not particularly in a bad way.



How many tracks have you all laid down that no one will ever hear?

On Soundcloud, we have released around twenty to thirty songs but we have made maybe a few hundred. There are alot of unreleased rap beats.


Are you guys fans of any European artists?

Yeah, we definitely love the music that’s coming out of Europe and not just the trap. We also love house and techno as well. We like Yellow Claw from Amsterdam and Zomboy in the United Kingdom. And we can’t forget Tiesto.