Ever wish you could listen to live performances of your favorite artists from the comfort of an intertube? Well, wish no more! Float Fest is changing the way festivals work by allowing attendees to enjoy music while literally floating in the water. The biggest complaint of festival season is the unbearable heat, but that problem has been solved! Festival-goers can bring or rent a tube to ensure that every spectator is lounging in the sweet waters of the San Marcos river, monitored by Cool River Ranch. This year, Spots offered the opportunity for users to win 2 free tickets to the highly acclaimed festival. Participants were asked to tell their worst live performance experience in the Float Fest chat on the Spots map for their chance to win the tickets. Here are some of the best responses:


What was your worst live performance experience?



The worst performance I’ve ever seen was a karaoke performance in the front of 2000+ people. The poor woman was so terrible she was yodeling. We all cheered for her at the end though. Always support people’s dreams, even if they aren’t the best.


Worst I’ve seen is probably Wacka Flocka in 2015. He showed up late, got on stage and just screamed “Wacka” “Flacka” “Flame in different orders then bounced an hour early.


The worst performance ever was Memphis May Fire at the 2017 Warped tour. Not necessarily because of them but because I bent down to tie my shoes near the most pit and got kicked in the face resulting in a broken nose.


San Holo at Bonnaroo in 2017 was trash. I’m pretty sure he was under the influence or something because he kept missing his drops and was dancing all weird and kept counting down from three and literally was missing beats. It was a shitshow. Not a good set at all and was bummed out because I really like his music but, his performance was wacky.



The worst live performance I’ve seen was ILoveMakannen at Buku Music and Arts festival. Everyone knows him from his one pop hit Going Up On A Tuesday but, that’s all they should like him for. When he was performing all he repeated was “what’s up New Orleans,” and waiting for the crowd to scream. Other than that he just played different versions of Tuesday.


The worst performance I’ve ever seen was a live set from Mursa Masa. There was one singer for every song and it really killed our vibes. We were expecting an awesome show because of our love for Mura Masa but just ended up being disappointed by what sounded like the same song the entire duration.



Worst live act I’ve ever seen is definitely Cherub! They were atrocious. The lead singer kept trying to hit high notes and he kept screeching into the microphone. I’m pretty sure they got so drunk that they forgot the words to Doses and Mimosas. I had high hopes for them but damn they should stick to making music not live performances.


Worst performance I’ve ever seen was hands down RL Grime at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida two days before New Years. Everyone was so excited to see him because it kind of seemed like he faded out for a while and I used to love him. He was so bad and dropped some pretty basic house music. it was so bad. Everyone was trolling him in the crowd.


The worst performance I’ve ever seen has to be Kanye at the Golden 1 Center in 2016 for the Saint Pablo tour. I was so hyped to see him perform but about thirty minutes into his set he went on a twenty-minute rant about how he supports Donald Trump and talked down on Jay Z and Beyonce. All politics and opinions aside, I paid money to hear Kanye’s music, not his deepest thoughts from his sleepless nights. He played only three songs then left. He also wound canceling the rest of his tour. I guess I got to see some history go down but that man is whack.


I went to the I Love The 90’s concert to see Salt n’ Peppa but Vanilla Ice insisted on headlining. Unfortunately, I witnessed his set and could not get out the door fast enough! He is so bad… worst than I could’ve imagined. He was like Cookie Monster yelling wanna-be Bay area beats. It’s hard to put into words.


Mac Miller put on a pretty horrible show a couple years back in Indianapolis. It was my fourth time seeing him and he just wasn’t himself. It was pretty sad. He didn’t talk to us and he just stood still the whole time and acted as though he would’ve rather been elsewhere.



I think one of the worst performance I’ve ever seen has to go to Eminem at Bonnaroo this year. I didn’t go into it expecting a whole lot, nor was he on my list of must-see performers. I figured it would be cool to see some of it (especially hoping he would play some of his old bangers). Some of his set was good, but I agree with someone who mentioned his set earlier. A lot of the crowd was off it seemed which made the whole group vibe a bit weird. We weren’t sure if part of his songs were lip-synced or not because we weren’t super close at the time. All in all our group agrees that we wish we would’ve been elsewhere during that performance.


I went to see the Neighborhood in Austin during July 2014. Travis Scott was the opener and he started by saying “let’s start a riot” so everyone started a literal riot during which time my friend got elbowed in the lower spine. As a result, we had to go to the back and sit at the bar while the Neighborhood played because she was in a great deal of pain. Then when the concert ended, I stood up and looked down at my (light wash) denim shorts to find that my period started early. What’s really cool about this story is when me and my messed up shorts and my friend and her messed up back walked back to the car, it wasn’t there. I had to pay $200 to a towing company to get my car back. Best concert ever.