Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a beautiful and surreal vacation spot. With celebrities and public figures like Taylor Swift, John F. Kennedy, and Samuel Jackson once taking up residence there, it’s plain to see that this is a place worth visiting. But, as with any vacation location, it can be difficult to decipher what is and isn’t worth doing while present there. Whether you’re a photographer, blogger, or even just someone looking for an enjoyable adventure to fill your time with, here are a number of aesthetic, cultural, and fun to explore locations throughout the region.


Take A Walk Down Main Street Hyannis


Interested in history? Love shopping? Want to visit the beach and relax? Hyannis is an oasis for any and everyone. Their main street strip features clothing, home decor, and vintage music and memorabilia shops- not even to mention a number of museums and memorials dedicated to John F. Kennedy who took up residence in the Cape Cod area. Hyannis has a number of photogenic locations including the nearby beach (not hard to come by in Cape Cod) and the historic colonial town hall located just behind the main street.


Ride A Boat And Discover The Maritime Heritage


By no means is finding a beach or access to the sea a difficult task in Cape Cod. Just about anywhere is beach front, lake front, or next to the canal. Taking a boat ride allows you to see the massive colonial style houses lining the waterfront. Check out a number of the canoe and surf rentals speckled around the area.


Visit Martha’s Vineyard Gingerbread Houses


Martha’s Vineyard is a popular vacation destination and is an island which can be reached by any number of boat ferries located in the southwestern region of the Cape. The island is quite large but after arriving by ferry the gingerbread houses are only a short walk from the main street. Originally a religious retreat location, the local Methodist church leases small plots of land to individuals who have built a community of small, brightly colored homes that are the perfect spot to stay or even just photograph.


Take A Walk Down Martha’s Vineyard Edgartown Main Street


Most people are familiar with the clothing brand Vineyard Vines but even fewer people are familiar that the brand began in Martha’s Vineyard. The small island town has a number of eventful bars, restaurants and tourist shops. Whether you’re planning for a small day trip or staying on the island for a few days, the town is speckled with fun things to do and see.


Take A Walk Down A Pier… Any Pier


Residents are fanatic about their boats and most people are attracted to the Cape by their ability to keep both a vacation house and a boat all on the same property. Walking about the number of piers located along the Cape coast and even islands like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket gives you the opportunity to see massive yachts and sailboats, a great opportunity to take photos and meet other vacationers just going with the flow.

Images captured by Spots LLC intern, Nico Hitson