If you love celebrities, movies, sports, and all things entertainment, then media journalism might be for you! Making a name for yourself is tough, and in the entertainment news industry, it is vital. Lucky for you, Spots featured The Local Lense for an in-app Q&A where partners Beth Keener and Greer Howard to help you find your place in the industry. In addition to being the voices for Atlanta United and the Atlanta Braves, Howard and Keener have also interviewed big names such as Chris Pratt, characters from the Walking Dead, Stranger things, and countless others. The power girl-duo answered questions on how they gained traction, who they’ve interviewed, current moves, their future plans, and goals. Here are the highlights:


What makes Atlanta so special when it comes to events and entertainment?

“Georgia is the number one filming location in the world. Last year, Georgia brought in over 9 billion dollars of revenue from the TV/ media industry.” Greer Howard

What inspired you to start Local Lense?

“We started TTL because we were best friends and accountability partners. We had the same goals and loved entertainment. So we joined forces.” –Beth Keener


How do you come up with interview questions?

“We research celebrities and projects before each interview. We always want to get to know our guests on a personal level, help them tell their story, and keep things positive.” –Greer Howard


Do you have any advice for someone who’s getting started in the entertainment world?

“Stay confident. There’s no reason not to. Usually, if someone has an issue with that, it’s their own personal struggle not a problem with you.” –Greer Howard

“Be a yes person. Work your butt off. Research and network. Be willing to do what others are too lazy to do. And get in class. I highly doubt Lebron James never practices.” –Beth Keener

How do you utilize social media to your advantage?

“Social media ideally should be used to inform and to inspire. Being authentic is really important too. For connections- try industry groups like GPP (Georgia Production Partnership), Georgia Film Bear (Monday nights), WIFTA, and Atlanta Film Festival.” –Greer Howard


What are your goals as partners?

“Greer and I want our own show on the air. An approachable relatable way to bring friends and celebrities into the same conversation.” –Beth Keener





Is there anyone you wouldn’t interview?

“We would interview anyone. It’s important that everyone has a voice and to tell all stories. Discrimination in any form is bad. And as storytellers, we’re obligated to tell the story whether or not we agree.” –Greer Howard


Would you say most of your connections come from real life interactions or on social media?

“Most all of our connections came from real life connections. We’re proud of that. But we’re also old school… nothing is better than face to face.” –Beth Keener


Any advice for rising photographers concerning getting your name out there to get opportunities?

“Take all the pictures that you can. Be a yes person. You may have to work a while until you build your portfolio. Be places where other photographers network. Also, don’t be scared to lift others up in your industry. The rising tide raises all ships.” –Beth Keener

How has having a partner helped you?

“Having a partner in business is great because we have different skills to bring to the table. We can accomplish more and pick each other up. You just have to find the RIGHT person.” –Greer Howard


“Having a partner that you work so well with has been everything to us. We each have strengths and weaknesses. And we are not afraid to lean on each other when needed. We have a difficult conversation but trust each other. We also respect each other’s personal life. And that is key. ” –Beth Keener


Is what you wear for interviews something that you put a lot of thought into?

“We do put a lot into what we wear. Our brand is important so we try to stay true to who we are and our vibes. Plus we color coordinate or run stuff by each other so we don’t show up wearing the same thing! It happens all the time when we don’t talk.” –Beth Keener



What’s your most embarrassing on-air moment?

“TOTALLY had an embarrassing moment. I’ve said the wrong baseball term on air and looked like a dummy. While filming the Walking Dead I accidentally screamed out the F work during one of my takes and later yelled Michonnes real life name during a take when I died. Bad interview experience… yep. Being ill prepared and forgetting what to ask. I called the director of a box office hit the wrong name after sitting in a chair and almost breaking it. There are sooooo many.” –Beth Keener