What do you get when you combine Griz, the String Cheese incident, Washed Out, and so many more in a forest lit up to the heavens? If you guessed electric Forest 2018, you’re right! Music festival lovers from across the country gathered together for the weekend of June 21st to celebrate live music, art, and community. By combining nature and man-created lights and art, Electric Forest festival brings a world of color and beauty to a typical forest scene. Spots partnered with The Festive Owl to offer lucky winner tickets to the highly acclaimed festival. Spots offered participants 3 separate chances to enter the contest. That’s right, each participant had THREE opportunities to add their name into the pool to be selected for the extremely coveted tickets. For the first entry, Spots asked participants to list their top 3 artists in the Electric Forest chat pin. For the second, participants were asked to name their top festival essential that they couldn’t live without. Finally, participants were asked to invite who they’d bring to the festival if they won to the Spots app, and describe in the EF chat how they met.


First, we asked participants to tell us the top 3 artists they were most excited to see at Electric Forest

The top pick from most users was easily Griz, followed by The String Cheese Incident, and then Bassnectar. Although most participants stuck to these, there were frequent mentions of Washed Out, Zhu, and San Holo.


We then asked participants who they’d bring to Electric Forest if they won the tickets.

The responses were heartwarming, not only did each participant mention their friend, but most also added heartfelt anecdotes about how they met, how much their friendship means to them, and why their friend deserves the experience so much. I’m not crying, you are…


Finally, we asked participants to tell us what their top festival essentials are.

Responses ranged from quirky hacks such as nail polish to cure clothing snags, to everyday essentials like water. The top 5 festival essentials we got from avid festies themselves were water, fanny packs, hand fans, hydration packs, and baby wipes. The more you know!!


Throughout the contest, participants went above and beyond on the Spots app.

The Electric Forest chat transcended simply being a platform for a ticket giveaway contest contest and transformed into a mini community chat for people to get to know other festival goers to share tips, stories, and pictures from past festivals.