What’s your favorite festival moment?

“2017 Voodoo, greatest festival moment ever. We’re halfway through Kyle and he decides to sing Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi. Every single person walking around just stopped and joined our stage to sing along. 10/10 recommend Voodoo all thanks to our Spot.”

“Definitely Rolling Loud 2018 which was a couple of weeks ago. Everyone there was so friendly and entertaining and we got to see the best performances I’ve ever seen such as J. Cole, Tori Lanez, Trippie Redd, Future, Chris Brown, Nicki, Xxxtentacion, Rich the Kid, Travis Scott, and a billion more. I saw Tana Mongeau and some other famous YouTubers walking around which was cool but I’m trying to go to Bonaroo because its a completely different vibe. I wanna experience everything but too broke to do so. Especially after Rolling Loud. SOS I’m dying to have something to look forward to.”


“Mine was when I got to eat Tater Tots with Jon Heder. He was doing a comedy set in the comedy theater tent and picked a random person in the crowd to try and catch tater tots in their mouth. I was the Chosen One and got to fulfill my lifelong dream of eating Tater Tots with Napoleon Dynamite.”


“I went to the Big Quite at Okeechobee Music Festival, which is the largest sound meditation ever held. There, I sat next to and met the sweetest guy in a lion onesie who gave my friends and I a flower hairpin that he made himself on his trip down to the festival. Love how music brings so many people together. This made my heart smile.”


“Music Midtown 2013 I was walking to the park and my group decided to visit Jason’s Deli, sat down and five minutes later the Red Hot Chilli Peppers walks in and sits at the table next to us. They were headlining that night and I saved up tickets that summer before my senior year working as a tumbling instructor just to see them! I got to chat with the band I’d listened to since I was seven. Dream come true.”

“My favorite music festival moment was when I went to my first Music Midtown 2016. The first day was amazing and was the best experience ever. The second day it was pouring rain but it was still just as amazing. They had an emergency evacuation because of lightning but I was just happy to experience all of that.”


“Mine was when my friend disappeared at Bonaroo last year for the whole day and lost her phone. Somehow I ran into her at the bathroom of all places. It was honestly crazy how I ran into the one person I needed to find out of all the people there. I cannot wait to be back this year!”


“I just want everyone to experience the power of Bonaroo because it is a whole different world when you are there in the best way possible. it seems that everyone is there to help you, no one has bad intentions, and they genuinely want to get to know you even just for the weekend. Its a great place with a lot of positivity.”


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