If you’ve ever thought about modeling, or you’re simply in search of a true model’s beauty hacks, Shannon Wilkie is the girl for you. Shannon joined Spots for a Q&A to discuss life, fashion, beauty, and the modeling industry. She also spills her favorite beauty secrets to keep you looking flawless. Here are the highlights:


Have you taken modeling courses?

“When I was younger I did take some modeling courses but, as I got older I found that you learn about the angle that works best for you through experience and the photographer’s advice.”






What’s a makeup item you can’t live without?

“I can’t live without the Anastasia BH Brow Wiz Pencil.”



What does a typical day look like for you?

“Normally on shoot days, I will self-tan and then spend around two hours getting hair and makeup done while the photographer sets up the lighting. And then the shoots could last a full day depending on what company I am shooting for. Its a lot of fun being on set.”



Do you do your own makeup for shoots?

“Sometimes I will do my own makeup and hair but if they offer stylists, I will choose to have them do it. It is very helpful and I love seeing the way they do it compared to me. Everyone has their own unique style.”




Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to marketing yourself?

When you go to an agency they ask for your social media as well. But yeah! I always make sure my feed aesthetically flows. I also ensure to interact with my followers. Instagram is so intimidating. I completely agree. I think its good to work with brands you believe in and have a unique twist on your page to make it your own. People will want to work with you if they see you have your own style/swag.”



Do you ever have to travel for work?

“I have traveled for work! I love traveling in general so that is amazing in itself. But usually, that means the shoot location is fun too. So you get a totally different vibe in the pictures.”







What’s in your travel bag?

“I always have Mario Badescu Rose Water spray with me. Its amazing freshening up throughout the day! I love Buxom plumping lipgloss in the color champagne. I always carry Frank body moisturizer as well.”



What’s your opinion on the size 0 controversy?

“I am actually working on some projects regarding this. I hate the fact that size is such a big thing in the modeling world and in social media. I feel like its getting worse and causing young girls as well as adults to have body image issues more and more. I have seen how much they focus on that and even with all of the body positive movements going on right now, I still feel like the modeling industry has a long way to go.”



Would you ever get cosmetic work done?

“I would get work done if I felt comfortable about something and knew that it would make me happier. I have nothing at all against it. As for now, I’m happy the way I am.”



Have you ever had run-in with sketchy agencies?

“Yes! I get emails from agencies a good bit that just seem sketchy and I honestly just don’t respond. The same goes for photographers. Be sure you know people that have worked with them and that they check out okay. Always be safe.”



What do you think your greatest accomplishment in modeling is?

My greatest accomplishments in modeling would be seeing myself in store for marketing on a huge sign for a store opening in Nashville. In general, I would say just getting to be where I am today feels amazing. Love all the people I have met.



Do you get your brows threaded or waxed?

I get them threaded. I break out from wax. But I go to Arches and it’s so quick.”