Beauty is all about confidence, and feeling confident is all about taking care of yourself. No one knows this better than beauty, fashion, and travel blogger, Gelila Kebede. Gelila teamed up with Spots to do a live Q&A- answering questions about travel, blogging, and skin & hair care. This blog will focus on her beauty hacks, but be sure to check out the Atlanta chat pin for more info on how Gelila travels and blogs on a budget!


I have super curly hair and I’m looking for a good conditioner, can you recommend any?

“I would recommend doing a curl test first, to see what type of curls you have and then picking a conditioner based on the results. I think Deva Curl brand is perfect for you!”




What is your morning curl refresh routine when you have minimal time during your trips or when you are in a rush, but still wanna wear it down?

“Morning curl refresh. When I don’t have enough time, I tend to use my spray bottle and just wet the front curls and the ones in the back where I usually place it in a pineapple and add some gel! It keeps the volume and no need for extra work.”






What are your favorite skincare tips?

“Some of my favorite skincare routines include aloe masks for overnight use. Buy an aloe vera leaf and cut it open, put the contents all over your face and sleep through the night. It works wonders! Similarly, Rosehip oil overnight is also amazing,”




How do you deal with frizz?

“Frizz is something I struggle with! But, I sleep on silk pillowcases and use a silk scarf on my hair to reduce it all year long! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention deep conditioning also helps with frizz.”





What are some good remedies for dark/swollen under eyes?

“I suffer from dark circles under my eyes so I’ve done quite a bit of research on this. Slicing a potato and placing a slice under your eye for about twenty minutes helps. Tumeric masks and Vitamin E oil under your eyes is the most effective method I have seen. Put it on overnight and it works wonders.”



How do you get the perfect lighting to make your skin look flawless?

“Lighting will definitely be taking pictures in natural lighting. Sometimes it takes me a second to find the right angle to the sun to hit it just right, but its worth it! And skin- I would have to go back to my DIY Tumeric Masks and Aloe. They’re my life!”



Tips for speedy hair growth?

“Be patient! I was struggling a great deal with that after I cut off alot of my hair this summer but, I was very consistent with my protein mask (which contains half a banana which acts to stimulate hair growth. I also use Jamaican Black Castor oil and Jojoba Oil, a solution I’ve seen the results from. Their DIY masks just for hair growth as well!”