Look, we get it. Bars are the last place your mind goes to when you think about having a good time. In fact, being social in general sounds pretty exhausting. But you’ve got to admit it, once you hit a certain age, bars are about the only place your friends want to go. And when you’re traveling to a new city, they’re just about the only option if you’re trying to experience a city’s nightlife. You know googling “bars in Atlanta” will only get you places like Taco Mac and Chili’s where you’re likely to run into 20 different middle-aged men wearing cargo shorts and Lynyrd Skynyrd tees. So here’s a list of 5 bars to hit up in Atlanta if you’re actually trying to have fun…you’re welcome.

Peer pressure gets more complicated as you get older…

1. Relapse Theatre

Relapse is the ideal spot for anyone looking to get drunk and laugh at people. They pride themselves in showcasing Atlanta’s finest comedy acts, as well as featuring acclaimed comedians from across the country. In addition to their formal acts, Relapse hosts a weekly open mic for those who want to try their hand at humor. The environment is warm and welcoming, and even the cringiest of jokes receive courtesy chuckles from the regulars to make sure every act feels support from the crowd. From the outside, the building resembles an empty brick warehouse which the owners describe as looking like a “scary old church,” but don’t be fooled, there’s nothing inside to be worshipped but liquor and laughter.

Relapse Theatre

2. Battle and Brew

This one is for the self-proclaimed nerds – the outsiders that typically choose to stay home playing video games over going out on the town. If you’ve ever wished that you could meet gamers like you in the real world, then Battle and Brew is the place for you! With hundreds of PC, tabletop, and console games to choose from, Battle and Brew offers a bar experience like no other. The bar also hosts events such as Anime Cosplay night, 80’s Ladies night, Art exhibits, and many other weekly happenings. So next time you’re trying to force yourself off the couch and into a bar, choose the perfect in between at Battle and Brew!

Battle and Brew

3. Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium

In theme with sacrilegious entertainment, Church bar in Edgewood is the epitome of everything your mother warned you about. Walking into the bar, it is made abundantly clear that this is not the place for your Sunday morning service. The walls have been transformed into a shrine of dirty images, phrases, and all things unholy. You could spend hours analyzing the heinous artifacts that litter the interior of the ironically titled bar. The upper level offers ping pong tables and the occasional drag performance, ‘cause let’s be honest, there’s nothing more godly than a drag queen lip syncing Toxic by Brittany Spears while giving a lap dance to a stranger. So if you’re looking to shed your last ounce of innocence, head to Church!

Church Bar

4. Mother

Mother is an Atlanta bar that won’t make you feel like you’re back at your mom’s place, but you will feel like a kid again when trying to decide which classic board game to play! Equipped with classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, Trouble, and Life, Mother offers a twist to your average night out. Tuesday nights are especially appealing thanks to their $2 tequila, tacos and Tecates. You can eat tacos and challenge your friends to a game of UNO or Clue, all while getting drunk. What more could you want?

Mother Bar

5. MJQ

Stop reading if you don’t like to dance, because at MJQ that’s just what you do. With nothing to offer but booze and bops, even the shyest bodies find their groove. You enter the bar through a tunnel-like entrance leading you to the underground dance party. Everything about MJQ makes you feel like you’ve left Atlanta and traveled to a distant realm meant for nothing but dance. So next time you’re looking for a place to dance off your daily stress, head to MJQ!