Omid Mojtahedi is another beloved member of the Spots founding team. He joined alongside Yanni and Eddie in 2015 to help create Spots as we know it. Being from Iran and understanding the value of travel and experiencing different cultures, Omid quickly realized the potential and utility in curating an experience-based college travel app. Since then, Omid has poured his heart into Spots, and acts as one of the many necessary foundations that holds the company together.

Omid and Emma, posted up in the new Spots office

Emma: As always we start with overrated underrated, do you know how that works?

Omid: No.

Emma: Okay so I’m gonna say something and then you have to decide if it’s generally overrated or underrated and why you think that about it.

Omid: Okay.

Emma: We’re gonna start with house parties.

Omid: Definitely underrated, and the reason I say that is because from where I come from there are only house parties. There are no clubs or bars in Iran. All the parties happened within houses, which is why in Iran we throw the best house parties in the world. Americans don’t know how to do it, but we do it right because we have to!

Emma: Okay… Cardi B.

Omid: I don’t even know what that is.


Omid: It’s probably overrated then.

Emma: Hahaha, okay Cardi B is immediately overrated, got it. Next is Yanni.

Omid: Yanni…ahh I have to find a diplomatic answer for that one. Nah, Yanni’s pretty underrated I would say. I think he’s got a lot more to him than meets the eye but, yeah!

Emma: Okay. Stranger things.

Omid: So very much overrated.

Emma: Really?

Omid: I think besides the music the rest is just…

Emma: Daaamn.

Omid: It’s retro, I get that, but not worth the buzz.

Emma: Okay. And the last one is cats.

Omid: Cats cannot be overrated. They are forever underrated, no matter how much they are appreciated, cats are gods.

Emma: Hahaha, okay.. you’re on death row and you get one last phone call. And it can be anybody in the whole world and they would have to pick up.

Omid: I’d probably call my mom..

Emma: That’s sweet.

Omid: Yeah, [I’d call] my mom, and hope she’s with my dad and say goodbye and that I love them and appreciate them.

Emma: Okay. What are you known for? It can be serious. It could be funny.

Omid: I’ve been known for actually- going back to your first question- for my house parties. For years at Georgia Tech, going back to those first three years, I used to run into people like on campus and they’d be like “Oh my God you threw the best parties,” and I would never remember seeing them inside my house, so yeah that’s what I was known for in college. It was kind of a notorious reputation, but I really.. I really liked it!

Emma: How many dogs could fit in your house?

Omid: Depends on the dog.

Emma: Like if they’re packed to the brim.

Omid: Are you talking about..

Emma: Normal sized dogs…like medium sized dogs.

Omid: Well, my place is nine hundred square feet. Let’s say if each dog…And then the actual space is probably actually around six hundred… like six to five hundred with furniture in the way…and a dog is what…two- three square feet? So-

Emma: You’re getting really mathematic on this one

Omid: Yeah, I’m sorry I’m an engineer..

Emma: No it’s good! It tells a lot.

Omid: I’d say a hundred to a hundred and fifty.

Emma: Okay.

Omid: If you’re really squeezing.

Emma: Okay.

Omid: And they don’t stack.

Emma: Hahah, and they don’t stack! Okay, explain your favorite food but without mentioning what it is or the ingredients that go into it..and then I have to guess what the food is. Or explain one of your favorite foods if you can’t pick.

Omid: Okay. No I mean my favorite food is pretty simple. It’s juicy, it’s bloody, its red..

Emma: Right.. is it steak?

Omid: Haha yes, a very easy one.

Emma: Is blood an ingredient?

Omid: Blood is not really an ingredient, blood’s just what it is.

Emma: Yeah I feel..that’s fair. If you had to remove one color from existence completely, what color would you pick?

Omid: One color from existence…I would probably remove yellow. Yeah. I know you’re wearing yellow right now. But I don’t know, I feel like with yellow you can always find a better shade of either orange or red or mixture of those two that would probably be better than just yellow.

Emma: But the mixture… okay yeah.

Omid: But you know what I’m saying? I think yellow – especially if it’s light yellow – is such a weak, kinda weird color, but that’s interesting because that used to be my favorite color as a kid, but as I grew older I started to really dislike it.

Emma: Very interesting…

Omid: So light yellow is probably my least favorite color.

Emma: Wow.

Omid: Okay I guess the sun is yellow so that might cause an issue.

Emma: Where do you feel most comfortable.

Omid: Are we talking which city, which country which-

Emma: Just what setting.

Omid: What setting…I think, honestly, any setting where I am surrounded by people that I love and I trust. That’s kind of where I feel most comfortable and that can be anywhere. It can be somewhere in the middle of nowhere while traveling, it can be in my home, it can be honestly anywhere as long as I’m around them… I’m fine. If I’m around people that I care about, and they care about me, then I feel safe. That’s the setting.

Emma: Aw…Cute. Where is the craziest place you have ever traveled to?

Omid: Craziest? That can be answered in a few different ways, but Ibiza, Spain – party capital of the world. Very crazy- it’s an island created with the purpose of partying and having a good time.

Emma: Damn!

Omid: So that one was a pretty crazy place. Other than that I also went to a completely remote island with like no habitants in the south of Iran for scuba diving for two days. That one was also pretty crazy because there was nothing. It was beautiful and the water – the scuba diving was just – amazing. So, both of those places were crazy, but for different reasons I guess.

Emma: Okay. Delete one essential from your life. Whatever you would consider essential.

Omid: I’d delete my TV.

Emma: You consider that an essential?

Omid: I guess if it was too essential I wouldn’t wanna delete it so I guess I’m kinda biased. What would you consider essential then?

Emma: When I wrote that question.. Well I guess it wasn’t really a question, but I was more thinking like, you know… you wake up and do your routine in the morning, and it could be like you check your phone first thing, or if you use your phone as an alarm clock.. or it could be something as simple as you know, deodorant or toothpaste or hair gel. Something that is kind of a day to day.

Omid: It is a very good question, kinda like a minimalist question. I would probably remove coffee.

Emma: Coffee, wow.

Omid: It is essential to me, but I grew up drinking tea, and I can see some future where I can switch back.

Emma: Yeah.

Omid: Yeah, that’s good. Okay.

Emma: I think that’s all of my questions. Oh! Just ask me a question. Everyone has to ask me a question.

Omid: Just on the spot huh?

Emma: Because it’s interesting. It’s always cool to see what the person decides to ask still tells something about them.

Omid: If the person that you were 5 years ago met you right now…what would they think?

Emma: I honestly ask myself that a lot. I think about it a lot. Five years ago puts me at 15, and 15 makes me what grade? Sophomore? Yeah. I would probably say…I’d probably think…I would just be kind of shocked. I’d be like “woah you changed a lot.” But I would also be kind of pleased, like you’re not doing what….

Omid: Well, I suppose what I meant is, like, if the person you were five years ago met you but didn’t know you were the same person. Ya know what I’m saying? Like, you met at a party or a coffee shop. Like what kind of girl is this?

Emma: Oh, so am I speaking from young me’s perspective?

Omid: Yeah.

Emma: I would probably say that she seems…kinda weird? But definitely, I would probably want to be like that.

Omid: Oh, so you would look up to her?

Emma: Maybe… in some way. I probably think part of me would be like “I don’t know if I would really want to be like that,” but then I would also be like “I appreciate what they’re doing.”

Omid: Oh, okay that’s awesome.

Emma: I’d be like “oh that’s kind of cool, like that’s not – you don’t usually…” What I mean is that the ‘me then’ wouldn’t see someone like ‘me now’ that often.

Omid: Yeah, I think that’s why I asked actually, because like if you were a vastly different person, but at the same time you could look at that person and be like “hm, I’m not like them, but I’d like to be!” That’d seem pretty cool, I think that’s a very good sign.

Emma: Yeah I think I would find myself interesting.

Omid: Good that’s – that’s good.

Emma: Yeah, and then finding out that it was me… I probably – I’d probably be taken aback like “woah that’s what I’m gonna end up being like.”

Omid: Yeah.

Emma: But I feel like I would take comfort in it.

Omid: Okay. Cool!

Emma: I would find I would be like, okay.

Omid: That’s fine, you would be like woah-

Emma: Yeah I wouldn’t try to- I don’t think I would try to change anything about leading up to it.

Omid: Good.

Emma: Yeah.

Omid: Awesome interview!!

Omid and Emma’s drawings of each other, done over the course of the interview.