Edoardo “Eddie” Moauro is the first person to officially join the Spots Team alongside Yanni. They were randomly assigned as roommates their freshman year at Georgia Tech, and they stayed roommates throughout college until each was finished with student life. Eddie has been an avid traveler his whole life. He grew up in Italy, so traveling on a whim was much easier for him as a youth. When he came to America for university, he was disappointed at how difficult and expensive it was to travel on the weekends. It was no coincidence that Yanni approached him with an idea for an app that makes travel more affordable for college students. Today, Eddie helps lead marketing and user outreach initiatives.

Emma: Okay we’re gonna start with overrated/underrated. So you just have to say if it’s overrated or underrated and say why.

Eddie: Give a reason?

Emma: Yeah… Tattoos.

Eddie: Overrated.

Emma: Expand.

Eddie: I don’t know. I don’t like tattoos that have words on them. And anything that’s a design is usually just a design because it’s cool but doesn’t mean shit to them so…

Emma: *Covered in tattoos with both words and designs* Geez.

Eddie: I don’t like tattoos

Emma: EDM.

Eddie: Is there like a neutral answer or does it have to be one or the other.

Emma: One or the other.

Eddie: Overrated, underrated, or indifferent?

Emma: No. You have to pick.

Eddie: Overrated. I like EDM and I like going to EDM shows… but people who are really into it can be really, really into it. So, you know, it can’t be that much of a thing.

Emma: Black Mirror

Eddie: I haven’t seen enough of it… Uh, underrated. I don’t know. They’re trying to do new things with a TV show. I can respect that.

Emma: Hot tubs

Eddie: Underrated. I think one of the first things I want in my house when I get a nice house for myself is a hot tub.

Emma: Alright, you’re on death row. What’s the last song you listen to?

Eddie: Uh… *Pauses for 10 seconds* Can I take a second?

Emma: Yeah, that’s fine.

Eddie: Well, probably some classical music, but if I want to get specific, probably something by… I don’t know, like a composer?

Emma: Just pick a song.

Eddie: A song? Okay. Gabriel’s Oboe. Look it up.

Emma: *Laughs* Okay.

Emma: If you switched bodies with someone and had to convince the Spots Team that it was really you, what would you say?

Eddie: Would they know who that someone is?

Emma: No, it’s a random person. Like, if someone random walks into the office and they’re like, “It’s me. It’s Eddie.” And everyone is like “No, it’s not. You’re definitely not Eddie.” And you’re like “No!” And then you have to say something that only you would say, that only you would know.

Eddie: Damn. that’s a good one. I think there are individual things I could say to people. But in like, a group effort? Nothing I would say would convince them. But maybe if I were to, like, refer to or bring back some things that I did with Yanni that only him and I would know about like, you know, when we were roommates… Then it would be pretty obvious, you know?

Emma: *Laughs* Okay.

Eddie: I don’t think anything else would work though.

Emma: You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t sell it, kill it or get rid of it by any means. What do you do?

Eddie: I would probably have to change my life for the elephant and maybe move out to somewhere where he could live and I could live too. Or, he or she could live, I guess –

Emma: They.

Eddie: They, right… I don’t know. I mean, if it’s a matter of, like, I didn’t have to worry about the money or the transportation, I would probably move to an African country with the elephant.

Emma: What do you love?

Eddie: The first thing that comes to mind… Music.

Emma: If you could invent any product or service to make your life easier or better, what would what would it be? Beside Spots.

Eddie: Probably something that would allow me to feel like I had a full night’s sleep without actually having to sleep. Because then I would sleep and have twice the amount of sleep and feel great.

Emma: What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Eddie: Depends on the weekend. I’ve been enjoying having home cooked meals and having people over, or being invited to dinner parties and having a small group of people that you know. It’s not only about being with them but also the food preparation and all that.

Emma: Now you have to ask me a question.

Eddie: Would you ever shave your head again?

Emma: No. It took too long to grow out. I did it, and that means that that’s the end of it. I experienced it once. That’s all I needed.

Eddie: Good. *Laughs*

Emma: Geez, okay. What’s your favorite color to wear?

Eddie: Probably red.

Emma: Me too. What do you do in Spots?

Eddie: What don’t I do?

Emma: *Laughs* Okay, that was a good answer. If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?

Eddie: Probably my childhood dogs – all the ones that have passed away.

Emma: That’s so cute! Aww.

Eddie: I mean, wouldn’t you want the same? C’mon.

Emma: No, I’d have a white tiger.

Eddie and Emma’s portraits of each other