Atlanta exists as an inexplicable haven of music, art, fun, fashion, and opportunity- and anyone who lives here knows that. The average Atlantien’s struggle is not finding “the move,” but rather choosing which one to go to. You wanna party, but you also heard about a DIY show in midtown, and oh, not to mention the art exhibit downtown. So which do you choose? Well, through his project ThisIsAtlanta, Yun Sin solved this problem in one night by curating a space that combined local art, music, fashion and- in short- Atlantien culture.

Upon meeting Yun, I immediately became aware of his keen sense of fashion and Atlanta culture- all before he even spoke. As I shook his hand I noticed the rich detail in his outfit- the millennial pink beanie with a mint green box logo reading none other than “Supreme.” His carefully chosen windbreaker was grey based with a pink and sky blue leopard print overlay. To tie the whole look together, Yun selected the highly coveted fleece leopard print “Supreme” fanny pack which he had cascading across his chest, rather than around his waist. In short? Genius.

Yun Sin deciding on the final touches for his runway fits

As I got to know Yun throughout our meeting discussing his ideas and plans to formulate them, I watched the ambition in his eyes grow and grow with every word. Passionate is an understatement. I, along with the rest of the Spots team, would do anything within our strengths to assist Yun in his artistic ventures. A formal decision was made by Spots to sponsor Yun’s idea and produce the event that everyone has been begging for. All that was left was the space, and the boys over at ShowAtl kindly offered exactly what we needed- a massive warehouse. Equipped with a bar, multiple changing rooms, and a large open space for merchants and the runway, it’s easy to say that the space was perfect beyond our imagination.

After weeks of planning, it was the night of the event. Models ran amuck as Yun threw together last minute additions to his various looks, all while local vendors set up shop to display their vintage, handmade, and other desired pieces. Right on cue, people from all over the city were shuffling about- filtering through the racks upon racks of unique articles. Some of the vendors included vintage resellers @get.ziggy, @rebelsrougues, @revisitretro, @nobodygirlvintage, @sierraleines, @paxemout, and more. The pop-up market hailed plenty of foot traffic and the warehouse was bustling with fashion buffs and curious college students. Some went as far as to travel from North Georgia and Athens for the event. The air was buzzing with excited talk of the runway show soon to commence.

The set-up of local vendor Ziggy Faye

As the clock struck 11, the racks had been cleared of the runway, the lights dimmed, and viewers lined the borders of the catwalk- anxiously awaiting the night’s main event. Shrieks of approval enveloped the once spacious warehouse as the first model appeared from behind the thin curtain separating the models from the spectators. Each unique model sported an equally noteworthy look. Yun’s designs beautifully reflected his distinct style- incorporating popular trends with out-of-the box details. Oversized coats and overalls matched with 2017’s hottest sneakers were a reoccuring theme in Yun’s genius displays- yet no two outfits could be compared. My favorite look of the night was exhibited charmingly by model Ethan Semanson (pictured). Adorned in a black turtleneck cloaked by a primary hued windbreaker cleverly paired with black pants and all yellow shoes all topped with fluffy multi-colored ear muffs, Ethan stole the runway.

Ethan Semanson as he first hits the runway
Ethan Semanson making his way to the stage

Yun’s goal for this event was not only to bring attention to local designers through showcasing their pieces via runway, but also to fashion a space for these designers to link with each other along with photographers, artists, and merchants. Two standout collaborators were photographers Ryan Webb and Roeman Pollard who captured the entire night. Through the help of Spots and ShowAtl, Yun successfully broadcasted the event to the most elite up-and-coming artists in Atlanta. A stunning cascade of camera flashes created a strobe effect at the end of the runway as models posed for their final photo ops. At some point in the night, a bowl of heart-shaped lollipops appeared, leading to models working them into their looks. An unplanned prop that produced some of the most iconic photos of the night.

Atlanta model Neiko completes her look with a heart shaped lollipop

Needless to say, the event cultivated exactly what Yun, Spots, and ShowAtl hoped for. Everyone seemed to have a warm glow of contentment and excitement for future events and for the opportunities that this one shaped for everyone in attendance. As I stood amongst models, vendors, photographers, artists, and fashion buffs, I realized- THISisAtlanta.

Some of the shoes worn by models on the runway