I was going to write this like a travel post. List fun places to stop, unique things to see, best BBQ… things like that. I had in fact rode up and down Tennessee for two weekends in a row, so it makes sense. And people love those kinds of posts.

But I got to thinking, why would someone drive up and down Tennessee? Why would they even need to know where to go? And for me, you only take a trip like that because you want to feel something you haven’t felt in a while.

There’s something about being alone for hours at time, it lets you remember someone’s been listening to your prayers the whole time.

There’s something about making decisions completely on what you think is best for the day, it reminds you who you are.

There’s something about strolling up on a late happy hour and feeling like it was this unknown city’s greeting to you.

There’s something about following someone you love and showing up for them in another state, it reminds you that they are like all the parts of a road trip themselves and you love it.

These are the things we should drive all night for, and the cheap BBQ can only sweeten the deal.

But I didn’t just drive around and think of one-liners, I actually went to a creative conference and MAN did it blow my mind. I couldn’t move on without sharing some of the zingers from who are likely the most innovative humans in America right now.

Some you’ll think are corny, but it’s just you reading this, so feel free to believe them… no one will know ?

We were ecstatic. Andy agreed to take us with him; he was traveling with a group of friends and had plenty of room to spare. The next day, we set out for Bonnaroo for the second time, and this time we made it.

“Your life is a musical and you are perfectly cast.” -Brad Montegue

“The key to failure is to fail fast and fail early, so you can get to the good stuff.” -Matthew Luhn

“We have confused comfort with happiness, and this is the source of all unhappiness.” -Dean W. (Ultramarathon Runner)

“Injustice doesn’t have the be the end of the story.” -Amena Brown

“You have to believe in yourself and have thick skin to accomplish much of anything.” -Rich Correll (AKA the guy who produced, wrote on, etc. for shows like Full House, Happy Days, All In The Family-I’M DONE)

And then probably my favorite:

“The question shouldn’t be what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? The question should be, what would you do if you knew you would probably fail…but it was still worth it.” -Jason Jaggard

There’s a little pixie dust to help you lift. Life is full of the daily let-down, but it’s worth it if we’re actively engaging the things that spark our hearts. Can’t remember the last time you felt that? Jump in the car and go (and call me if you really want to know the best places to stop).

The best news about all this is that I have the BEST way to stay around this beautiful country if you’re a college student. My trip really would not have been possible without Spots: Travel on a Whim. I arrived late Wednesday night to my host Colleen, who had stopped by Kroger to get snacks for me. She and her home were inviting and after handing me a key and a long list of suggested things to do downtown, Colleen assured me that if I needed anything she’d be happy to help. Forreal, Spots and Lucas saved my behind. Thanks to Lucas, his team’s beautiful app and my sweet host Colleen, I was able to find a great place to stay right in Nashville, and best part is that it didn’t break the bank.